Don’t have a veggie garden? Why don’t you try growing vegetables in a compost bag? No digging, weeding, fertilising is needed to grow the veggies.

 How to prepare the bags

  1. Buy a bag of compost from Huku-Mombe.
  2. Find a suitable sunny spot to place the bag of compost.
  3. Poke holes in the underside of the bag for drainage.
  4. Turn it over, lay it flat and cut a large rectangle on the top side.
  5. Plant the veggie seedlings or seeds; you can grow 16 leafy greens in one bag, such as, rape, lettuce, herbs and spinach.
  6. Finally, water.


 Easy maintenance

Anyone can prepare this bag, and the best thing about these growing bags is that it is relatively easy to maintain as:

  1. There won’t be much weeding,
  2. No need to fertilise as the compost is full with an abundance of nutrients; this is an easy way to grow organic vegetables.
  3. No bed preparation needed either.
  4. Less soil borne diseases that arise from veggie beds.


What can you grow

You can grow pretty much anything, but carrots might not be ideal unless you grow a shorter variety.

 Giving it a second life

Your compost bag can give you a second crop of veggies, too if you grow light feeders like leafy greens. You can have access to an instant salad bar just outside your door filled with lettuce, rocket, basil and other herbs. After your second crop, the compost can be used as mulch in the garden between shrubs or perennials, or as a top-dressing on the lawn by raking it thinly over the lawn surface.


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