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Every quarter find informative, innovative and inspiring stories written by and for Zimbabweans. With the recent acquisition, The Zimbabwean Gardner is going bigger with a team behind it to keep readers of all ages and stages encouraged and motivated to keep growing – in the garden and within.

The A4 sized book has 144 pages packed with gardening advice as well as showcasing beautiful gardens. A perfect ‘go-to’ guide sold at the equivalent of a US$5.




To build a resilient, environmentally conscious, ethical community within Zimbabwe and beyond. To empower small businesses and individuals especially women and youth in making a difference in their neighbourhood.


Collaboration Community and relationship Simplicity and sustainable Quality and professionalism Authentic and creative.

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Facilitating life-long learning paradigm
Creating community and inclusiveness
Encouraging “Co-operation”

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The Zimbabwean Gardener Journey

How The Zimbabwean Gardener Started

The Garden Blog Money Making Experiment
started in 2011

The Garden Blog Experiment

September of 2012

Our first report was published

share what we were learning
Start, Grow and Monetize

We activated our brands into a publishing house through our experts in the industry and network we had formed. We were now able to create an offering to our clients that created enormous value for their businesses

November 2021.

Expansion of The Zimbabwean Publishers in to new additions to our brand

Work With Us

How we work with brands

Promoting a Conscious Lifestyle through nature based innovational initiatives, projects, and the motivational personalities behind them. Showcasing inspirational ideas and providing a platform for informative collaborations between likeminded nature based holistic businesses and ethical individuals.

Supporting networks that link the consumer to nature based ethical businesses, allowing them the opportunity to vote with their dollars – conscious consumers buy from artisans and entrepreneurs to help create viable businesses that support our natural health and that of the planet long term. Key words to describe content of our magazine. 

Whether you are a long-time conscious lifestyle advocate or a newbie to the scene, there is something beautiful to look at, something inspirational to aspire to or something practical to try at home. The branding is consistent and in context with the nature of the content at all times.

The social network platform schedule is informative and holistic with the idea of expanding ideas rather than reducing them. Content is exclusive and reliable at all times, but never dogmatic or judgmental of any race, religion, moral, value or lifestyle. It is respectful of all humans regardless of circumstance. Every effort is made to support initiatives that are self sustaining. All charities will be check listed as to whether they comply with an obligation to uphold the dignity of the benefactors and beneficiaries.

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