Lantana camara is a poisonous and invasive species

Lantana camara is from Central and South America, yet spreading like wildfire through Zimbabwe!

Why is it a problem?

  1. Competes with and replaces indigenous species.
  2. Poisonous to humans and animals and  responsible for livestock mortalities.
  3. Reduces the grazing potential of the land.

How does it spread?

Seed dispersal.

What does it look like?

General description: An untidy spreading shrub with four-angled stems and often with thorns growing up to 2m or higher. Leaves: Oval, dark green, rough, hairy leaves which are paler below. Flowers: Small, clustered, pink, red, crimson, orange, yellow or white flowers appearing from September to April. Fruit/seeds: Glossy green fruits which turn purplish-black.


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