The New Gardening Annual

The Zimbabwean Gardener annual is out now!
The Zimbabwean Gardener annual is being sold at Emerald Seedlings on Alpes Road and at Electrosales on Harare drive. 144 pages packed full of gardening information! Want to find out more about it carry on reading:

Welcome to the first edition of The Zimbabwean Gardener’s Gardening Annual. We say farewell to the quarterly magazines, but don’t worry, we have packed in all the four seasons and much much more into the gardening annual.

The annual is divided into four seasons and provides all the information about what to do in your garden and veggie garden in each season. Each seasonal section also showcases some beautiful gardens in Zimbabwe, and one very inspiring vegetable garden from South Africa. The seasonal chapters focus on a topic of interest in gardening; the topic is not only relevant to the season it is in, but to all the seasons. The four topics of interest we have included are:

Organic gardening
This method of gardening provides a happier and healthier garden and you. Lindsay Charters from Grow-it-yourself has provided us with in-depth information on how and why we should move towards organic gardening. She has given us invaluable information on how to make homemade pesticides and fertilisers – just what we need at this time of soaring prices and products that are not readily available. She even tells us how to get a lush lawn by using organic methods. Challenge yourself and go organic.

Art and light in the garden
Darkness in a garden during the day and night does not bring much comfort. In this chapter, we bring you design ideas to lighten up dark shady corners in the garden as well as tips on how to use lights effectively in your garden at night. Wayne Stutchbury also shares ideas on how to bring life to your garden by adding garden art; we have extraordinary artists in Zimbabwe to help bring the perfect sculpture to your garden.

Vegetable gardening
Anyone can have a veggie garden, regardless of how much space, time and labour you have. If you are not sure how to achieve this, we will guide you through the different vegetable garden styles as well as offer you a wide range of tips and tricks on growing veggies at home. Dr. Chris Nyakanda has also shared his vast experience on growing mango trees, so if you are wondering why your mango tree never fruits, this is the perfect read for you.

Trees for the garden
We all enjoy sitting under a shady tree in the garden, but what tree is the perfect tree to sit under? This chapter explores growing indigenous trees for the garden and Ann Sinclair shares tips and tricks on how to care for your trees correctly. We also look at what exotic trees have become invasive and why you should remove them. Ant Fynn gives us a detailed description of what indigenous trees you should grow to attract an abundance of birdlife to your garden.

There is a little bit of everything for everyone; we have even included some fun gardening ideas for kids.

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